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SwissMalibuTravel,LLC works with Amercan Express Reps: AVOYA Travel and UPandAWAY Travel ...

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Contact Swiss Malibu Travel, LLC

310-601-7644 in

beverly hills/Malibu/USA


866-615-0565 toll free






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We appreciate third party referrals. A Referral Thank You, 'American Express Gift Card',  in the amount of 50% of our commission, or a negotiated percentage, is yours based on completion of travel, and payable to you upon our receipt of our commission from the American Express Travel representative: AVOYA TRAVEL or UPandAWAY TRAVEL, through whom we process your traveler's arrangements.


1-HOW AVOYA TRAVEL* COMMISSION WORKS: Of the total commission, AVOYA keeps 20%, we receive 80%, and give you half of what we receive, when we receive it.

2-HOW UPandAWAY TRAVEL** COMMISSION WORKS: Commission rates vary for Air Travel, but we will give you half of our commission, when we receive it.

Phone: 310-601-7644   or   800-586-9476  or  866-615-0565

 * AVOYA Travel and **UPandAWAY Travel  conditions must be met before they will release the commissions to me, and then I can release your commission portion to you.



Send us a message using the contact form below - it is linked to . We look forward to receiving your questions.


For Vendor contact and large attachments, please Email us at:  


Member: Malibu Chamber of Commerce.


Phones: 310 601 7644 in california


Toll Free: 866 615 0565 or 800 586 9476   in the USA



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